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Twistblade Two-In-One Palette Knife

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Twistblade Two-In-One Palette Knife
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  • A clever, two-in-one palette knife
  • Blade rotates 180 for different functions
  • Use the dropped blade for smoothing
  • The flat blade is perfect for spreading
  • Made from stainless steel and BPA-free plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
Be a star baker with our adjustable palette knife from Joseph Joseph.

The TwistBlade has a stainless steel blade which rotates through 180 at the press of button, giving you two essential baking tools in one.

One side of the knife has the traditional flat blade, ideal for spreading icing on your masterpieces and filling them with delicious jams and buttercreams! The other has a special dropped blade that you can use for pressing down biscuit bases on cheesecakes or smoothing your cake batter inside the cake tin for perfectly even bakes.

An integrated tool rest helps keep mess to a minimum and using a two-in-one tool means less washing up!

Why not celebrate with a well-earned slice of cake?

BPA free. Dishwasher safe. 2.9 x 29.3 x 3.5.

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