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Treasure Seeker

  • 79.99
  • Ref. 17747

  • Perfect for adults and hobbyists
  • Visual and audible indicators
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Waterproof 200mm coil can be used in water
  • Adjustable length handle

Treasure Seeker (Code 17747)
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Why us?
Scour the land looking for hidden treasure with this lightweight and easy-to-use metal detector. Perfect for adults and more experienced treasure seekers, it has a 3-way discrimination detector so that you can tell immediately whether it's gold and silver, aluminium or ferrous metal you've found.

With a wide 200mm coil that can even be used in water, you can adjust the height of the base to suit the terrain and the length of the handle for comfort.

It has both visual and audible indicators so you can see and hear what you've found, and for privacy, you can plug in your own headphones or earphones.

Requires 3 x 9V batteries (not included).

Handle 83-113cm long.

Weighs 1.3kg.

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