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The Photo Ark

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    • 6,000 amazing animal photographs
    • Produced by National Geographic
    • Foreword by Harrison Ford
    • Raising awareness for endangered species
    Look into the eyes of the animals in this book to feel compelled to protect them for future generations to enjoy. The life long project of American photographer Joel Sartore, and produced in conjunction with National Geographic, The Photo Ark is one man’s quest to document all of the world’s 12,000 animals in captivity in photographs.

    This book features the first 6,000 animals he has managed to capture on camera during his global travels to zoos and wildlife rescue centres. Accompanied by behind the scenes commentaries and brief descriptions, it’s a truly inspirational book for anyone with a love of nature and the planet we all inhabit.

    Hardback. 400 pages. 26cm high.

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    The photo ark
    Bought this for a friend who loves to paint from pictures, and pleased with quality of book and pictures
    Reviewed by:
    Sheila Tarr
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