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Star to Star Dot-to-Dot

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    Star to Star Dot-to-Dot
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    • 29 dot-to-dot puzzles
    • Join up the stars rather than dots
    • Fascinating facts about each constellation
    Work your way through the night sky with these 29 Dot-to-Dot Puzzles of some of the most significant constellations. A great gift for puzzlers and astronomers alike, Star to Star uses stars rather than dots to guide you through each picture. Each constellation has a full-page dot-to-dot puzzle as well as a full-page description, highlighting its importance in mythology and in the zodiac and complete with colour picture with feature stars pulled out. Includes Pisces, Sagittarius, Pegasus, Crux, Lyra, Andromeda and more. Answers at the back.

    Paperback. 64 pages. 29cm high.

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    Dot to Dot Book
    This book should say for very clever people who are used to puzzles because I was stunned at how much concentration it needed
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