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Spiral Nesting Wool Dispenser

  • 8.99
  • Ref. 18267

  • High quality multi-use Spiral Dispenser
  • Stores food or wool/nesting material
  • Encourage wildlife into your garden
  • Soft and warm nesting British sheep's wool
  • Designed by wildlife experts to be safe for all garden birds

Spiral Nesting Wool Dispenser (Code 18267)
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Why us?
Encourage beautiful birds into your garden with this multi-use Spiral Nesting Wool Dispenser. It provides small birds with soft British sheep's wool to warm and line their nest with.

The spring steel Spiral Dispenser can also be used as a Bird Feeder and is suitable for all sorts of treats for wildlife including, small apples, oranges, kitchen scraps and bread.

Hang this lovely appliance from a branch of a tree and keep an eagle eye out for the wonderful wildlife that appears. Designed by wildlife experts, this sheep's wool dispenser is safe for all garden birds.

14 x 8cm.

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