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Soil Test Kit

  • 22.99
  • Ref. 18438

  • Test soil before planting
  • pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium tests
  • Up to 60 tests
  • Includes reading charts

Soil Testing Kit (Code 18438)
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Why us?
Test your soil before you plant! For beautiful flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs and lawns, testing your soil is the smart way to measure nutrient levels. Determine which plants are best suited to the soil that you have or which nutrients you need to add to grow the plant of your choice.

Designed with the gardener in mind, this comprehensive Soil Test Kit is fast, easy to use and only takes a few minutes. The pack contains 4 x 5ml test tubes, 1 pipette, 4 measuring spoons and reagents for up to 60 tests in pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Included is a booklet containing reading charts for each of the tests and pH preference lists for flowers, ornamental trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs, fruits and house and greenhouse plants.

Keep your garden green and healthy!

4 x 7.5ml.

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