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Say No To Arthritis

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  • Health book
  • Proven drug free guide
  • Prevent and relieve arthritis through diet

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Say No To Arthritis (Code 6624)
£7.50was £13.99
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Why us?
The proven drug free guide to preventing and relieving arthritis. Most of us will suffer from some form of arthritis by the time we are sixty. Varying from uncomfortable stiffness in the joints, to intense pain and inflammation the effects can be debilitating.

Nutritionist Patrick Holford gives advice on how to reduce pain and inflammation without drugs, how to regain mobility and even how to prevent osteoporosis and improve bone density. This breakthrough book explains how, by eating the right food and supplementing your diet, you really can Say No to Arthritis.
Paperback. 368 pages.

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Lots of useful information, easy to understand
Has lots of useful information on all sorts of arthritis and osteoporosis related issues including e.g. tight muscles. I am coping with more than one issue and would have appreciated a grand summary page of stuff to avoid and stuff to take. Having said that the summaries at the ends of chapters are useful. However it has given me hope that I will be able to reverse some of the issues that bother me and give me much discomfort and pain. In a nutshell, that my quality of life can be improved.
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