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Reverse Charades

  • 8.99
  • Ref. 17941

  • A fun party game for all the family
  • Perfect for large gatherings
  • Best for 6 people or more
  • All the team act out the charade

Reverse Charades (Code 17941)
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Why us?
Turn everyone's favourite party game upside down, with this topsy-turvy Reverse Charades version that's so much fun! A great way of breaking the ice at large gatherings and family get-togethers, it's now the whole team that has to act and just one team member is chosen to guess. If that's not tricky enough, it's all done against the clock, with a 2-minute timer keeping silent track of the time.

With 7 categories to choose from (Action, Song, TV Show, Film, Landmark, Event and Book), from Titanic and Pulp fiction to Reaching the South Pole and the Eiffel Tower. A great team game in a tin. For 2 or more players aged 8 years and over.

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