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If you want to review a product that you’ve bought from us, or had given to you recently we’d love to hear from you and you could win a prize. Each month we will pick the most informative or helpful product review and send the winner a great prize. Send us your review by one of these methods:
1) find the relevant product page and submit your review form online from there
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We will publish the winners here so be sure to check back and start writing those reviews. See terms and conditions below.

October 2016 Product Review Winner

Congratulations to Jill, our October 2016 Product Review Winner…

Multi-Purpose Colander Trug

Now that we cannot pick up plastic bags every time we shop which I fully support, we were suddenly left with a problem about how to collect the vegetables from the allotment! This basket is perfect! It does exactly as described. And it looks better than a plastic bag!! Would definitely recommend!!  

Previous Product Review Winners

UV Protection Umbrella

Excellent! Road tested in Turkey for 12 days prior to an April trip to India. Great as a sunshade and waterproof too! I have just requested another for my husband to use in India Very light, but appears to be strong. Fits back into travel bag if carefully folded up. Useful guard over clip to be depressed to open and close!! Nice unisex design.

Pet Hair Laundry Bag

I love this product, my washing machine was getting quite hairy, what a great idea, even the guy who serviced my W/M said how good they are so huge thank you.

Alarmed Pill Box
What a great little product. My husband has Parkinson's and needs to take tablets four times a day at specific times. He'd never remember to do that. This little gizmo doesn't let him forget! I fill the little boxes before he goes to bed and they're ready to take when he wakes up the next morning. Thanks, one less thing to worry about.  

Infinity Candle
I have now given three of these candles as birthday presents and the recipients have all been delighted. They are unusual and fascinating and I am about to order two more, one for yet another birthday gift, one because I want one myself!

Aegean Tray
We were given an Aegean tray for Christmas, and we use it all the time. You can carry all sorts of things easily and safely and still have a spare hand free for grabbing a handrail or carrying something else! Upstairs, downstairs and into the garden. It is elegant (OK for parties) light, and easy to keep looking good (other trays always seem to have crumb traps around the edges, this one doesn't). We like it so much that we have already bought three more for presents, and the recipients are just as keen as we are. They've told us they are planning to give them to their families too, young and old ... but especially to anyone who is a bit unsteady! - Lady Judy Buckley (April 2016 Review Winner)

Pet Hair Laundry Bag
This product is amazing and I would go so far as to say it has revolutionised my life! Only having the space for one washing machine but owning three large and hairy dogs I have to wash their blankets weekly and actual bed covers between fortnightly and monthly. I always had to plan to wash the bedding one day and couldn't do any human washing until the machine had dried out and been vacuumed. Now I can stick the dog bedding in this bag and not worry about when I can next use the machine. I believe it must be extending the life of the machine too without all that hair going down the pipes and clogging the filters. I just can't get over how well it works and it's so easy to clean itself. None of the hair sticks to it so you literally take it outside, turn it inside out and give it a shake and all the debris comes out. It's utterly amazing! I recommend you buy one of these immediately! - Paula Higgleton-Wood (March 2016 Review Winner)

 Hands-free Carry Clip
What a handy little clip. It held my lined full length raincoat with no problem leaving my hands free to juggle passport/boarding pass etc etc! Would recommend it to everyone! Small outlay for enormously helpful item. - Christine Hurll (February 2016 Review Winner)

Polarised Overglasses
Having looked into the price of a pair of polarized sunglasses for myself while I go fishing with my husband, I was horrified at ow much they cost! seeing these I was a little skeptical but on arrival I am thrilled! I have to wear glasses at all times and these have transformed my fishing trips! In fact my mum now wants a pair! They fit over glasses perfectly. - Susan Rogers (January 2016 Review Winner)

Chilli Mill
I grow chilli plants in Portugal and after drying them I was not sure how to use them! Until I saw the chilli mill. Works wonderfully. Produces fine chilli powder for spicing up soups, meats etc. at the dining table so I can enjoy spiced food when others are not so keen! Recommended. - John Cobby (December 2015 Product Review Winner)

I wanted the Topster for supermarket plastic milk cartons, but it seems there are two types of thread in use. The Topster is designed to fit the coarse thread bottle, but we get the type with a very fine thread, and it does not fit these. I also thought it would be possible to store the bottle on its side instead of upright in the fridge with the Topster in place, but this is not so, as the top is simply a flap without a secure closure. Even with a broad- thread bottle, the Topster would not properly seal the bottle. This was my mistake, as the description does not claim it has a secure closure, merely that it is easier to pour. - Meryl Toomey (November 2015 Product Review Winner)

Multi-purpose Laundry Bag
I recently purchased one of these bags for myself as my condenser tumble drier is in my very tidy garage and as I have to collect my laundry from my kitchen to the garage, I think this laundry bag is a very useful item for collecting my dry washing, especially towels etc. I was so delighted with the quality of this laundry bag, I purchased two more, one for my sister and one for my nephew, which will be part of their Christmas presents. These bags are robust and well designed. I have also recommended Qwerkity to my friends. I am very impressed with all the different items I have already purchased. Thank you. - Mrs Betty Snook (October 2015 Product Review Winner)

Pet Cooling Mat
With the hot and humid days we've had I thought I'd give this mat a try. At first our dog wasn't too sure about lying on the plastic cover but within a day she's taken to it. Now she chooses to lie on it whenever she feels too hot on her usual blanket. - Eric Hugenberg (September 2015 Product Review Winner)

The Simple Joys of Grandparenting
Bought this book for my Partner who is going to be a Grandfather soon. We are both struggling to remember so many Nursery Rhymes that I thought this would fit the bill but there is so much more in it than I expected. - Jayne Welch (July 2015 Product Review Winner)

Man Tin
Useful Gift. I was really pleased....wanted something useful but fun for a older man and this fitted the bill perfectly. He liked it too....  - Mrs Susan Collins (June 2015 Product Review Winner)

Personalised Heritage Plaque
For some years I have been thinking how nice it would be to have a rather special private wording on a simulated blue plaque but without finding any way of doing it. I was delighted to be offered a solution in your catalogue and was delighted with the result when it arrived.  - Peter Jowitt (May 2015 Product Review Winner)

Lid Sid
Best £10 I ever spent! No more mopping up burnt spills from boil overs, no more using a spoon to prop up saucepan lids. All smiles in my kitchen now! Seriously, you absolutely MUST buy these... -  Pauline Kamli (April 2015 Product Review Winner)

Bathroom Squid
These Bathroom Squids are ideal for my small shower. I can place them literally anywhere in the cubicle to suit myself. The bulk is minimal and the adhesion is perfect. - Janet Tuite. (March 2015 Product Review Winner) - Janet Tuite (March 2015 Product Review Winner)

CD Slot Mount
WOW. I have tried all sorts of dashboard phone holders but they are never made to last or so it seems. This one however, is an absolutely fantastic idea to fix onto the CD unit, lots of different ways you can use this because it turns this way and that. It is also great to use it for my SatNav as the "sucker" on the window just does not work for long. FANTASTIC PRODUCT - Carolyn Lambert. (February 2015 Product Review Winner)

Nightsight Overglasses
I am self employed and I have been having to turn down work that would involve driving any distance at night. My optician suggested I have the slight cataract on my eye corrected, maybe that would help. That would mean time not working with no pay at all. So, £12.99, what have I got to lose? Well, nothing as it turns out and everything to gain. The minute I put these glasses on everything changed, the blur of lights magically became individual vehicles once more. So, I can accept more work and no need to take time off as I should be able to delay the cataract op until after I retire. They are also really helpful in bright sunshine, especially if it's reflected on wet roads. They are comfortable to wear with or without specs and good quality with very clear vision. Can't thank you enough. - Dorothy Price, (January 2015 Product Review Winner)

Haynes Student Manual
Haynes Student Manual is an extremely comprehensive manual. It covers every aspect of student life. I would recommend it to anyone just starting university, in university already, and about to graduate. It's a book for them to dip into whenever they come across any student issues. It covers tips on writing the perfect dissertation, househunting, methods of cooking, Student loan application, Presentations, Internships and how to get that 'golden' job. For the price it's a bargain. It's a wealth of knowledge. And I don't think that you could ever put a price on that. - Miss O Oyediran (December 2014 Review Winner) 

Personalised Merlot Red Wine
Purchased as a birthday gift for a friend. She was very impressed and went around telling people it was from her own vineyard! Great novelty gift for someone who likes their wine. The quality of the labelling and presentation box is exceptional and looked like it cost much more than the price. Thank you! - Joanne Morris (November 2014 Review Winner)

Chilli Mill>>
Ordered this chilli mill as a birthday present for my father who LOVES chillies on everything and grows and dries his own! After initial concern, the mill proved to grind whole dried chilli peppers into wonderfully sprinklable mini flakes... adding a lovely spark to food! Dad was really delighted... and a guest with us for lunch that day was also so impressed that she is ordering one too... for her chilli loving son for his up coming birthday! - Penny Histed (October 2014 Review Winner)

Extra Oven Shelf>>
So many ovens are supplied with only two removable shelves, so this Extra Oven Shelf is a very clever idea for saving time and energy. I regularly need to use three shelves (my oven only has two) so last week I made three large pizzas using the Extra Oven Shelf. In the past I had to cook food in batches, but not any more! The shelf would be useful in any standard sized oven, whether it be a gas, electric or range cooker. The shelf is easy to wash in warm soapy water after use. I'd highly recommend. - Tessa Patterson (September 2014 Review Winner)

Razor Sharpener>>
Good product, emphasis is on cleaning the blades, but this effectively improves performance significantly. Should pay back the cost quickly! Need to experiment to get the best pressure on the cleaning strip: in my experience it needs to be fairly firm. - Stephen Mitchell (August 2014 Review Winner)

Aluminium Card Wallet>>
The last one of these I had lasted 6 years before the clasp broke! I hope this one will do the same. Good and sturdy and easy to find in my bag even when it's dark, as one side is ribbed and the other smooth, which makes identification by feel alone easy. Holds all my cards and the odd token easily. Also holds train tickets.- Clare Smith (July 2014 Review Winner)

 Budget Airline Bag>>
We bought 2 of these to take away on a city break. We had no problems with our budget airline in using them. They sat comfortably on shoulders like a backpack and held all our requirements for our holiday. As they opened more like a traditional suitcase they were easy to pack. Very pleased with them. I am sure they will be used by the whole family for mini trips. More than just a weekend bag! Had ample room for our 4 nights/5 day break. - Diane Hughes (June 2014 Review Winner)

Pack of 3 Cooling Scarves>>
Thank goodness someone invented these simple scarves! I have suffered from sweats for most of my adult life (I'm now 62) and these scarves are an absolute godsend. Whether you're just watching the TV or out and about, these really do cool you down. Not only have I tried wearing one in the traditional style but, they are also effective worn on the wrists. I have kept two for myself and given the 3rd to my sister in law, who is going through the change and, I know she is pleased with it, as well. If I can have one criticism, it would be that, I wish they did a set in a bolder colour choice! - Penny Welstead (May 2014 Review Winner)

BPA-Free Reusable Small Bottle - 350ml>>
This bottle is excellent for day trips and also next to your bed at night. It doesn't have a sports spout but it is easy to drink from without any spilling (even on my treadmill) and it is so easy to fill up and wash, as it has two screw off top parts. I haven't had a BPA free bottle before so I was really impressed with the clean taste of the water compared to my usual disposable bottles. This is better for the environment too.-Carnie Pollock (April 2014 Review Winner)

Compression Socks>>
After I had a deep vein thrombosis I was told to wear compression socks ever after. I got them from the pharmacy. Then, about five years ago, I saw your travel socks and tried them. Now I use them nearly all the time. And I found that I could buy them at the pharmacy, but for about five times the price! So please keep stocking them, they have been tremendous. Any chance of another colour, say blue?
-Robin Field (March 2014 Review Winner)

Savoury and Sweet Popcorn Seasoning>>
Ive tried many seasonings for pop corn with little success but these are tasty, I do however have a top tip to share! Melt a little butter in a pot, mix the powder with the melted butter, take off the heat and add the pop corn kernels and mix them around in the butter, pop on the lid and return to heat and get popping! You get a far better flavour than just sprinkling on the powder and each kernel is coated, my fav is the maple syrup!
-Gillian Hunter (February 2014 Review Winner)

Battery-Powered Storm Lanterns>>
With young grandchildren around, we needed a 'safe' hurricane lamp. This LED battery operated lamp is perfect. We tend to incur a lot of power cuts and so are very happy to leave this lamp within reach and the children can use it too. It gives an excellent light with the added bonus of a dimmer switch. In a kitchen it would enable me to still continue to cook. Placed on a table it gives enough light to eat, play a board game, although not at the same time and for a short period, read. A good lamp for the garden or tent too.
-Lindsey Bushell (January 2014 Review Winner)

I'm a girl who likes a gadget. I have the selloptape thingy for the back of your hand and all that I needed to gadget wrap my presses this year was this. I am shocked by the other reviews because this cut through my paper (foil too) with no problem and didn't cut the tablecloth. I tested it on my skin (good job it works!) and not a scratch. It also opened taped boxes and all in all I liked it. Only problem is it's quite small so keep it somewhere safe. GREAT!
-Caroline Hunter-Lascelles (December Review Winner)

SealSkinz® Waterproof Cap >>
Baseball caps are brilliant for keeping the sun & rain out of your eyes & keeping your spectacles dry. They can also be turned 180 degress & keep your neck from sun burn/rain. Easily adjusted with plenty of room for big heads. I used to have a cloth one but it faded & got wet in rain. 100% waterproof I use it dog walking every day & it fits just right with the adjustable Velcro strap at the back......not blown off yet! What I will not be able to do with this, that I did with my old cotton one is soak it in water to cool me down on hot days well worth the sacrifice at £25. I would rather be waterproof & buy a cheap cotton hat for that job in the summer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED & better than my Goretex skull cap with a small paek in the front!
-Simon White (November Review Winner)

Fiz Pump Cap >>
This is a great little gadget especially for anyone who is fed up of lemonade or cola going 'flat' halfway through the bottle. It's so easy to use just pump the small 'bulb' on the top of the cap to refill the air in the bottle and stop the lemonade from going flat. It says on the instructions to 'flip the top' to open the bottle again, but be prepared for a loud 'whoosh' as the air is released. I find it simpler just to unscrew the top slightly to let the air out, then pour and tighten the top before pumping the air back into the bottle, but kids will probably love the loud noise and it will remind them to pump it up again once they've used it. A brilliant idea and well worth the money. 
- Syd Kitching (October Review Winner)

Monocular >>
I originally bought this as a gift only to find the intended recipient already has one. I tried it out myself though and was so impressed I kept them. I wear glasses and, with or without them, I have never been able to use binoculars as I simply cannot focus them. This monocular is wonderful, I can use it without my glasses and also, because the eyepiece is so soft, I can keep my glasses on and put the eyepiece to my glasses without any scratches. The lens quality is excellent, focus range good and magnification clear and free of distortion. Of reassuringly sturdy construction it appears to be manufactured from high quality materials throughout and comes with a good, slightly padded protective case. They truly are pocket sized (even for the often very small pockets in womens' clothing) and, though I'd checked the measurements before I ordering, I was still delighted how tiny those dimensions were when translated into the actual item.
- Clare (September Review Winner)

Call Blocker >>
What a marvellous product. The good thing is it actually works. Have blocked Interrnational calls, and from 2 to 3 each day, I haven't had one since I installed it 2 weeks ago SO IT ACTUALLY WORKS! It is also small and compact and fitted in seconds. You can block 1 or more type of call. Just one thing to consider. If you block 'withheld' calls, this will also block calls from say your own bank or from Companies you have ordered goods from as a lot are witheld numbers. This should not be a problem because 99% of nuisance calls are from abroad and and with accents you can't understand anyway. Brilliant product.
- Robert Hall (August Review Winner)

Gentle Grip Socks >>
These socks are excellent and great value for money. I have looked everywhere and could not find socks for my husband that didn't leave huge grooves in his legs and that you could be comfortable in the UK's mild weather. All the socks we found had way too much elastic and were far too thick for spring and summer wear. These socks fit the bill. Very little elastic and cool for warm weather and at a very good price.
- Sharon Long (July Review Winner)

Dual Power Bank >>
My daughter wanted a decent charger that would keep her phone charged for the duration of Glastonbury, if you charge up the blue power bank it will charge an Iphone fully four times plus a bit and counts down from 99 on the display how much charge is left. It takes about 7 to 8 hours to fully charge then ready to go. This is the 2nd one I have now brought as our family of four are off to Australia for five weeks and have four iPhones and two iPads to keep charged so will be great for when we are not near sockets. Top tip don't leave the charging cable plugged into the power bank when not using as this continues to slowly drain the charge level, with nothing plugged in the charge number stays the same.
- Jane Stevens (June Review Winner)

The World's Lightest Fold-Flat Wheeled Cabin Bag >>
One of my best birthday presents ever! This ingenious case is a must for everyone who wants a light, strong, wheeled suitcase of carry on dimensions, with the added benefit that it folds flat for easy storage, away and at home. The mechanism (like all the best designs) is simple and brilliant. Please may we have a wider range of colours, making it easier to identify our own case more easily in a packed overhead locker? 
- Granny Di (May Review Winner)

x10 Magnifying Mirror - Handbag Size >>
I am really pleased with these mirrors. They are well made, supplied with a velvet pouch and the stand is really useful. It is hard to buy a small mirror with such powerful magnification. The type that I have previously bought has suction pads, which don't always stick and do not have a plain mirror on the reverse side. These mirrors are an excellent alternative and at a brilliant price too! Perfect size for any handbag. 
- JoJo (April Review WInner)

Alfresco Anti Bug Bite Moisturiser >>
I've used this ever since it came out. It's non greasy and, unusually for a mosquito repellent, it smells nice. It has no nasty chemicals and doesn't melt your nail varnish either. I add a bit of Moziguard to the bits that show in the evening to add a bit more protection and that is natural too and doesn't mess up my sensitive skin. Would recommend. 
- Mary Drew (March Review Winner)

Proppa Toppa Sun Hat >>
Excellent hat, just the job for rolling up into a suitcase. It pops up like new without creases and still managing to look stylish. It is cool and lightweight, perfect for hot sunny holidays. Just exactly what I was looking for and I find it difficult to find hats that fit due to my big head! This one is adjustable so perfect all round! 
- Libby Herbert (February 2013 Winner)

Deluxe Ice & Mud Grabbers >>
These are great - used them today for the first time and didn't slip once in a 3.5 mile walk in the snow, even on some downhill slopes. Usually I'm rubbish in the snow. When they first turned up they took a real effort to get onto my boots (I'm right at the top of the medium size range) but leaving them on an old pair for 2 months has certainly eased them out and they slipped onto my walking boots quite easily today. 
- Lynda Murchie (January 2013 Winner)

Flashcard Torch >>
I find new uses for the Flashcard all the time - on nightime walks, both locating my dogs' poop, and making vehicles aware of our presence in narrow country lanes - then there's finding the keyhole at night, searching for lost objects in dark corners, and going to bed late without waking the wife. The flashcard is small and slim enough to carry in a wallet or pocket all the time and cheap enough to have several to hand. In short, indispensable!
- Guy Dugdale (December 2012 Winner)

Ezy-Reach Light Bulb Changer >>
Husband has frequently spent up to 20 mins at a time precariously balanced on a chair, reaching up to gain access to an inset bulb. I showed him this little gadget ages ago, but he used his 'Victor Meldrew' response 'yes, they're fine all these gadgets, but a lot of them don't work and they are a rip off'! Sooooo I didn't tell him, ordered one and waited. Not one but TWO bulbs blew the other evening, I can't print his reaction, but I produced 'the gadget' and got the 'well I'll give it a go' response. He reappeared two minutes later, grinning from ear to ear! 'That thing you bought is brilliant!! It does it! I stood on the floor (!!! not rocket science!!) it takes the bulb out and just pops the new one in!!' Fantastic! Brilliant buy!'  Well, I usually DO know best!!!
- Linda Seddon (November 2012 Winner)

Good Morning Gorgeous Message Dessert Spoon >>
I decided to give the pair of spoons, this one and the companion one more suitable for a gent, to a couple of my friends celebrating their silver wedding. I wrapped them so that the one addressed to him contained "her" spoon, ("good morning gorgeous") along with instructions that he was to give it to her to open, and similarly with "his" spoon, - the "hello handsome" one, for him to open when given by her. This worked very well indeed and both were delighted. I think these make an ideal present for a silver wedding, as by the time you reach that age(!) you have enough large bits and pieces, and these spoons are immediately useful, as well as being decorative and fun. They are beautifully labelled and packaged.
- Sheila Douse (October 2012 Winner)

 Garden Kneeler & Seat >>
An outstanding product which has reinvigorated my elderly father's gardening after an illness. The handles are perfect for lifting oneself up off the ground, and when upturned its sturdy nature allows Dad to sit and deadhead flowers for much longer than before.
- James Macartney (September 2012 Winner)

Personalised Beano Comic >>
This arrived in immaculate condition, I've never ordered anything personalised online before so was quite wary of this, but my doubts were all put to rest when I looked at the comic. It was amazing & the person who I bought it for loved it also. I now want someone to make me a personalised comic! Will definitely recommend this product to others, as a gift this is a really good product.
- Sundas Hussain (August 2012 Winner)

Window Bird Feeder >>
I agree with quite a few of the comments above but found the following to be of help. The hole is quite small but is easily filled with a tablespoon/dessertspoon every morning (and sometimes twice a day now). Our birds took 2-3 months to work out where the feeder was (this could be due to the fact that we were so keen to see the little chaps that it's in the kitchen window with lots of movement inside), so as mentioned above, we put some bird seed/tidbits on the window ledge and on the ground and within days they had arrived. I say stick with it before giving up after a couple of months. We have been very lucky to have a woodpecker visit too even though he's quite large and has to do some acrobatics to stay on the perch. I bought one for my father and he had birds on the first day - GREAT PRESENT!
- Hazel Cumming (July 2012 Winner)

Ultra Bright Eye Light >>
BRILLIANT!!!! Really recommend this. Took one away on holiday as often the bedside lights aren't enough for reading, so useful there. On this occasion it was used by my son and his wife as illumination in a bedroom when they needed to feed the baby and the light switch was nowhere near the bed. they were really impressed. will stand anywhere and really easy to switch on, would be great for anyone with arthritis. I shall be ordering more for presents, intend keeping one in the car as it packs into a very small box and can be tucked into a tiny space. fantastic. One of my best every buys!
- Linda Seddon (June 2012 Winner)

Furminator Pet Grooming Tool >>
I was a bit sceptical about spending so much on what is essentially a dog comb, but it really is worth the money. A few sweeps across my spaniel produced loads of loose fur that otherwise would have been on the floor and sofa. You do need to take some care with it, particularly around delicate & bony areas, but most definitely worth the money.
- Victoria Wigginton (May 2012 Winner)

Hot Rox Electronic Hand Warmer >>
I bought my Hot Rox recently and have already used it on 4 separate occasions. I did a car boot when it was frosty and even slipped it down my sock to warm my feet! It's been to a football match and kept my hands warm watching my favourite team and yesterday it kept me warm between games at a hockey tournament. Very easy to heat up and very compact and efficient. I'm thinking of getting another one so I can do both hands at once. Very impressed and well worth the price.
- Shirley (April 2012 Winner)
Folding Stepladder Chair >>
Very sturdy small ladder which can also be used for a chair. We've bought it to take camping, can use it to load the topbox on the car, hang the inner on the tent and an extra seat for guests - can't wait to go away. Our little boy is already using it as a chair to sit at the dining table at home as it's just the right height for him to reach.
-  Alison (March 2012 Winner)
Power Monkey - Mega Power Battery Booster >>
Power Monkey saves bacon! It really is. Does it really hold it's own charge for ages? It really does. Is it easy to work? It's a doddle. Does it work? Like a dream,it's already saved my bacon. So would I recommend it? You betcha. There are adapters for mobiles and cameras and laptops and ipods and all that stuff. Plus you can get more of them online if you have a bit of ancient technology like my camera. There are converters for several, that's several, different countries' power idiosyncrasies, so you can charge it up abroad too. In this country you can stow away the extras in the plastic box it all comes in and carry around the bits you need in the handy little black bag provided. Buy one now,you won't regret it.
- Winnie (February 2012 Winner)

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