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Aqua Brush Set

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    • Paint on-the-go with ease
    • Stores water in the barrel of the brush
    • 3 different tips
    • Durable white nylon bristles
    Paint on-the-go with these handy Aqua Brushes. Storing water in the handle of the brush makes it easy to be in control of how much water you want to mix with paint, as well as allowing you to blend and shade without interruption. The clever design eliminates the need for a separate water vessel, freeing up a hand and preventing any unfortunate spillages.

    The set of 3 watercolour brushes have different sized tips. Whether sitting outside and drawing a beautiful landscape or in your home or art studio, these durable Aqua Brushes are perfect for artists of all abilities.

    White nylon bristles. Handle holds 7.5ml of water.

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    Aqua brush set.
    One of the brushes was, apparently, crushed in shipment and can't be used.
    Reviewed by:
    Stan Lewis
    Our customer services team will be in contact shortly to offer you a refund or replacement. Kindest regards, Emma   Qwerkity
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