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Probate Guide Book

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    How to Deal with Death and Probate
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    • Easy-to-follow book
    • Provides information on Wills and Probate
    • Deals with English and Welsh law
    • Written by a family solicitor
    • Made in the UK
    At some point almost every one of us will find ourselves having to manage the legal and financial aspects of a death. The majority of Wills and Probate can be dealt with inexpensively by anyone with a little time and guidance.

    This easy-to-follow Probate Guide Book provides all the information you need, from certifying a death and arranging a funeral to winding-up money matters and distributing assets.

    Written by a family solicitor who specialised in Wills and Probate, as a guide for his own children to enable them to wind-up his affairs themselves. This Probate Guide Book deals with English and Welsh law (not Scottish). Paperback. 194 pages.

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    Product Review
    Excellent for my children when I pop off !
    Reviewed by:
    Penni Harvey-Piper
    Product Review
    probate book
    Extremely helpful.
    Product Review
    Probate guide book
    My husband needed help with sorting out his brothers estate and has found this book very useful.
    Reviewed by:
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