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World Baking Day

Wednesday, 17th May 2017

It's World Baking Day! AKA, the perfect excuse to have an office bake off!

Written By Laura-Anne

Once Upon A Time...

Thursday, 27th April 2017

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin…

Once upon a time it was Tell A Story Day, and the little elves at Qwerkity picked out their favourite books from their super cool website.

Laura-Anne picked A Child’s First Book Of Trump.

She likes the pictures of the orange lump.



Nic thinks Peter Rabbit’s Little Book Of Virtue is the best.

She can’t wait to put this good advice to the test.




Katy chose Cows In Trees as her best story to read.

Whoever knew that a cow could get treed?



Cam likes the story Five Give Up Booze.

The tale of their travails is sure to amuse.




James loves Peter Rabbit’s Book Of Harmony.

It leaves him full of bonhomie!



Ben likes Medicine’s Strangest Cases.

These stories will surely put you through your paces!



Jane loves Terry Wogan’s Something For The Weekend.

She thinks it’s a great read if you have some time to spend.



Chloe’s favourite is Peter Rabbit’s Little Guide To Life.

This is the book to refer to in times of strife.



Mandy likes Auld Lang Syne.

She hums these tunes all the time!


Now you know our favourite stories, it's time to share.

Find us on Instagram;

We'll see you there!

Written By Laura-Anne

We're So Egg-cited!

Tuesday, 11th April 2017

Tis the season for decorating eggs, so we thought we'd have a go at doing our own mini egg self-portraits!


  We decided to use our Erasable Felt Tip Pens for the finer details on our little eggies. Obviously, we're all brilliant artists (I mean, look at these!) and we would never make any mistakes, but you could actually just wipe the designs off the eggs
with a damp cloth.

The Erasable Felt Tip Pens come as a set of 12 colours, and are great fun for
doodling with!

For the slightly bolder colours for the Little One and Biscuit eggs, we used these brilliant Paint Sticks. You can add bold colourful brushstrokes to paper (or an egg!) without picking up a paintbrush!

A fantastic mess-free alternative to ordinary paints, these Paint Sticks are filled with ready-to-use poster paint that you apply to paper just like a pen. Plus, they're currently in our Easter Sale! Snap them up while you can!

And here are our little "egg-speriments"!   

Of course, there had to be a winner, and we felt that Benji went above and beyond the call of duty; sacrificing a lock of his little girl's Barbie doll's hair!

Ben now has bragging rights as the most eggs-celent Easter egg decorator in town!

Have you been decorating any Easter eggs, Qwerkiteers?

Send us some photos on Instagram using #Qwerkity!

Hop to it!

Written By Laura-Anne

It's Deep Dish Pizza Day!

Wednesday, 5th April 2017

What a brilliant excuse to break out our Pizza Making Kit!

Cook delicious stone-baked crispy-based pizzas in just 5 minutes with the Pizza Making Kit! Perfect for homemade or shop-bought pizzas, the counter top Pizza Oven delivers an intense heat that cooks pizzas to perfection.

Reaching temperatures of up to 300 degrees and with an authentic firestone cooking bed, the pizzas taste like they've come from the best Italian pizza kitchens! Remove the pizza stone to use the non-stick deep pan base to cook and heat up all sorts of other foods, from fish to frittata!


We just love it!

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and share your favourite pizza pictures with us!


Written By Laura-Anne

Spring Has Sprung! Quick: To The Garden!

Tuesday, 28th March 2017

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to get out in the garden! We can’t wait to spend an afternoon outside in the sunshine, so here are our favourite gardening goodies for you.

Handy Seal & Carry Clips

Your spring flowers and any existing plants are bound to be hungry after a long winter, so you’ll need some compost. We all know what a mess compost makes, so you’ll be needing some of these Handy Seal and Carry Clips. These practical, reusable clips seal bags and sacks, eliminating mess. The strong handle makes carrying and pouring simple. Job done!


Compost Tidy Tray

While we’re on the subject of compost, this Compost Tidy Tray is a God send! Keep your working area mess contained with this durable and easy to clean Tidy Tray. With an integral shelf for seeds, labels, pens and a large surface for working, it is ideal for filling seed boxes and potting up.


Kent & Stowe Border Fork

Those flowerbeds will need some attention; turn over the soil with minimum effort using the Kent & Stowe Border Fork. Slightly smaller than a standard garden fork and up to 40% lighter than Kent & Stowe’s standard garden tools, it’s the perfect choice for anyone with limited strength.


Heart Shaped Hand Trowel

Once your soil is turned and aerated, you’ll be ready to start planting bulbs. Break through any remaining tough soil with this Heart Shaped Trowel. With a pointed tip for exceptional soil penetration, this robust tool with its carbon steel head is ideal for use in pots, borders and beds when planting bulbs and seedlings. It even penetrates clay! Made from beautiful ash wood, the handle has been shaped for a comfortable grip.


Maypole Plant Support

This pretty Maypole is perfect for all climbing annuals and perennial flowers such as Sweet Peas and Clematis, as well as Climbing French or Runner Beans.


Moroccan Tile Gauntlets

Keep everything in your garden rosy, including whoever will be doing the hard work, with these beautifully patterned long-armed gloves. Our pretty, soft gloves with padded cuffs offer superb protection for your hands and forearms from thorns, twigs and nettles, whilst maintaining dexterity.


William Morris Tool Tidy

Take your tools with you as you work your way round the garden. A beautifully elegant accessory for any lady gardener, this sophisticated tool tidy is printed with William Morris's ever popular Strawberry Thief. Get muddy in style!


You can scope out more of our gorgeous gardening accessories in the
Garden Tools & Accessories category.


We’d love to see some pictures of your gardens springing back to life!
Tweet or Instagram us some photos using #qwerkity.


Written By Laura-Anne

It's Puppy Day!

Thursday, 23rd March 2017

We know we have a lot of “best day ever” moments, but this one is right up there: it’s PUPPY DAY!

They’re fluffy and cuddly and just downright adorable, plus they’re generally guaranteed to make a bad day better. Let’s face it; with a puppy, you’re bound to have a barking good time!

Jack Russell Salt & Pepper Set

Just imagine these little guys on your dresser shelf! With their waggy dog tails and quizzical expressions, they make charming tableware for any dog lover.

Unlikely Friendships – Dogs


If you'd always thought that a dog is man's best friend, this book will just make you even more certain! An absolute joy to read, Unlikely Friendships Dogs features true stories of canine companionship and courage, from the mastiff who rescued 17 horses to the pit bull who likes playing with a tortoise.

'Home Is Where the Dog Is' Doormat


Truer words were never said, and now you can keep muddy paws whether canine, feline or human off your floor with this hard wearing, super-absorbent mat.


360 Light-Up Necklace


Does your dog disappear in your garden at night? Now you’ll be able to see him easily even if he is at the bottom of your garden. He will also be more visible if you are walking him on a pavement in the dark.

The Dog Rules Tea Towel


If your dog has slowly encroached into every aspect of your life just by showing those big puppy dog eyes, then you need this tea towel in your life! Featuring Tottering By Gently artist Annie Tempest’s endearing cartoons, it is a must for anyone whose dog rules the house!

Worktop Saver in Pre-Wash


Does anybody know of a dog that can resist an open dishwasher door? A must for anyone with a soft spot for dogs – and obligatory if it happens to be a black Labrador – this Glass Worktop Saver is a fond reminder of just why we love dogs so much.

Waboba® Fetch Dog Ball



Treat your dog to hours of water-based fun with this fetch ball specially designed to float on water. A must for any dog that likes nothing better than splashing around in the river or the sea, the ball is just the right size for throwing and for your dog to retrieve. My puppy goes nuts for this bouncy ball!

How It Works: The Dog


Part of the new Ladybird Books for adults range, this hilarious book is perfect for any dog owner! Humans have been around dogs for thousands of years, but how do we know what they’re really thinking? We think we do, like the book states, ''You love it, don't you, boy? says Siobhan. Columbo does love the food. But he would be just as happy to eat his own sick.'' This humorous parody for adults is a great read and will be loved by all.

Me, The Dog & You Pillow Cases


We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend, so it seems only fair they have the lion’s share of the bed. These witty, generously-sized pillowcases are a must for anyone who shares their bed with their favourite pet!


Tweet or Instagram us some photos of your puppy!


Written By Laura-Anne

World Book Day 2017

Wednesday, 1st March 2017

Are you sitting comfortably, Qwerkiteers? Then we shall begin! Once upon a time…

The 2nd March 2017 will see the 20th year of World Book Day. The main aim of World Book Day is to encourage kids of all ages to explore the joys of reading by providing them with books of their own (a worthy cause if ever there was one!).

This got us to reminiscing about our favourite books from when we were little, and we thought we’d share them with you, and why they meant so much to us!


John’s Favourite: The Wind In The Willows

  This is my favourite book of all time. I read it every Christmas because it's cosy and exciting.

I particularly like doing the voices!


Tracey's Favourite: Kipper's Book Of Weather


  The first book I bought for my children was Kipper's Book Of Weather, now enjoyed by Biscuit!

My own favourite as a child was Black Beauty, which I read at least 20 times!


Jane’s Favourite: Peepo!

  My favourite children's book is Peepo! by Janet & Allan Ahlberg. My two granddaughters love it as much as my children did when I read it to them over 30 years ago. Written in rhyme, with fantastic illustrations, both children and adults will enjoy reading it equally! It is a perfect book for young children – they love the repetition and anticipation and it helps them extend their vocabulary.


Chloe’s Favourite: The Twits

  The Twits is one of my favourite childhood books as it is responsible for one of my favourite quotes:
“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

The book is also slightly gruesome, and what child doesn't love that!


Amelia’s Favourite: Little Rabbit Foo Foo

  "He's wild, he's wicked, he's…" the cheeky rabbit who used to make me giggle endlessly. Little Rabbit Foo Foo was one of my favourite childhood books.

When I was younger I used to read the book to my Mum and run around the lounge acting out the scenes.

It is a simple but fun book full of wonderful illustrations, and was perfect in making me behave well (I thought if I behaved badly I would turn into a 'goonie' too!).


Ben’s Favourite: Dogs Don’t Do Ballet

  The one book that currently stands out for me is 'Dogs Don't Do Ballet'. It's an amusing story about a strange looking little dog that doesn't think it's a dog and wants to be accepted as a ballerina. The brilliant illustrations help bring the characters to life and the story reminds us it's OK to be creative and different from others despite the knock backs.

Maybe because it's the third time around reading it with my youngest I practically know the story off by heart and I have mastered the voices and accents when reading out loud! Sometimes I really go for it; you would think I was auditioning for BBC Jackanory! (Showing my age now). Good-night children!


Laura-Anne’s Favourite: Charlotte’s Web

  This book is a true classic, though perhaps a strange choice for me as I was petrified of spiders when I was little! I just loved the way the story unfolded, and the edition I have is full of gorgeous black and white illustrations. It's such a positive story that teaches us that things don't have to be pretty in order to be wonderful.

My dad used to read this to me before bed when I was really little, so it will always have a special place on my bookshelf!


What was your favourite book when you were knee high to a grasshopper?

Tweet or Instragram a book selfie to us!


Written By Laura-Anne

Love Your Pet Day

Friday, 17th February 2017

This may be the best day ever! If not, then it comes a close second to Chocolate Cake Day. To celebrate Love Your Pet Day, we thought we'd share a little bit about our favourite floofy friends!

Katy & Dennis

8 years old

Lhasa Apso

Cheese (say the word and wherever he is in the house, he’ll appear!) oh, and long walks, as soon as you get his lead out he starts spinning frantically – he then gets so dizzy and can’t walk in a straight line!

Bath time and the West Highland Terrier that lives near us!

Funniest thing:
He taps you with his paw when he wants you to fuss him, when you stop he taps again and this can go on forevvver!


Jen & Inca


  My cat’s name is Inca and she is 3 years old…

She loves belly rubs and head-butts with her pet humans (us), she also enjoys chasing mice on sunny days. On rainy days she likes to gaze pensively out of the window, pondering on whether to risk going outside and chase mice (she might melt). She has the softest fur and my little brothers are convinced she’s related to a snow leopard!

Her favourite thing is tuna and her least favourite thing is the laser pen toy she got for Christmas; she can never catch that light and it’s very frustrating!


Mandy & Little One

  I don’t have a cat… but let me tell you about my cat.

Back in the summer, we spotted a skinny little cat drinking from our hedgehog water bowl in the garden. He seemed alert enough, so we just kept an eye on him. My husband and I referred to him as ‘the little one in the garden’.

After 6 months of persuasion, in the form of Felix and Dreamies. Little One (it became his ‘official' name) now resides in our garden in his own apartment - aka a borrowed cat box, stuffed with a fleecy blanket and heat reflecting mat. I now have a cat!


Amelia, Woody & Romeo


14 years old

He loves steak, sleeping, being towel dried from the rain… and men!

Funniest thing:
When he was a kitten he used to get really jealous of anyone cuddling; to the extent that when I was 8 years old and had fallen asleep on my mum he decided the best place for him to lay was on my face – apparently all you could see was his fur moving in and out of my mouth.



8 months

CUDDLES! Non-stop cuddles, always at every minute you are with her. She also licks a hell of a lot!

Funniest thing:
She absolutely loves grapes, so much so that we now have to hide them from her – but she is always on the hunt!


Laura-Anne, Pumpkin & the Tribbles


2 years old

Norwegian Forrest Cat (or Mongolian Mountain Cat, as Mandy calls him).

Favourite thing:
Dreamies! And super soft blankets, so he can make himself a nest.
Funniest thing:
He likes to poke me in my left eye when I’m sleeping. Never the right, only the left! I think he’s announcing his presence…

  The Tribbles: Oscar, Squidge & Houdini

They’re adopted, so I’m not really sure! They’re potentially 8 years old.

Favourite things:
Basil plants & peanuts. Plus, Squidge will do anything for a yoghurt drop!

Funniest thing:
They love having their noses kissed! In the morning they line up to have nose kisses before breakfast. They're referred to collectively as the Tribbles because they're small, fluffy and they eat *everything*. Also, I'm a nerd...


Em & Sims


We adopted him when he was 5 years old. He’s now 9 and a half.
Pet hate:
Being ignored

Sunshine, Pepperoni, David Attenborough’s Planet Earth & Cardboard Boxes.

Funniest thing:
He’s half Bengal so talks alllll the time. He can jump from first floor windows but because of this has very few teeth left and so dribbles constantly.


Chloe, Ezra & Remi

Ezra (AKA Big Fat Cat):

11 Months

Loves Crayfish! Loves to sleep anywhere, especially the airing cupboard.


Remi (AKA Little One):

7 Months

 Loves Cheeseballs! Loves to wake me up by falling asleep on my head at 6am every morning!




Cam, Bessie & Chester

  Meet Bessie and Chester, our beautiful (smelly and bitey) Basset Hound puppy and stunning Black Tipped White British Short Hair cat.

They are the best of friends (most of the time) unless Chester feels the urge to do a bit of Bassett Boxing…


Tracey & Biscuit



Age: 7

Food of any description, and answering the office doorbell!

Her nemesis, the hoover.

Funniest thing:
She hops when she wants food. It’s like she’s on springs!

Jane, Tikka & Teasle

  Teasle adores a cuddly toy lion which she has had since she was 8 weeks old and was at that stage the same size as she was. She jumps 4 feet in the air to get him!

Tikka’s favourite thing is sleeping in our airing cupboard or underneath our bedcover, completely hidden, and getting into cars!

So, there are our favourite furry fiends!  Celebrate Love Your Pet Day with us and tweet or Instagram us some pics of your fluffy loves!

Written By Laura-Anne

Illuminated Letters Sketchbook

Friday, 10th February 2017

Hey Qwerkiteers! Did you see our demo with the Illuminated Letters Sketchbook?

Written By Laura-Anne

DIY Valentine's Cards

Thursday, 9th February 2017

Are you struggling to find a card for your Valentine that isn’t just on the wrong side of twee? How about making your own? We’ve got some great ideas to get you started.

Illuminated Letters Sketchbook

Re-learn your ABC in classic medieval style using this hands-on guide to the wonderful art of illuminated letters. Why not get a blank card from your local craft shop and create a truly beautiful design around your Valentine’s initial? Or entwine both of your initials with a Celtic knot?


Personalised Monogram Notecards

Of course, you’ll need a gorgeous envelope to put your handmade Valentine in! You can have these envelopes monogrammed with up to three initials. Choose from gold or silver lettering.


A-Z Alphabet Stamps

You can always SWALK (Seal With A Loving Kiss) your Valentine in your envelope, but what about completing your letter theme with one of the stamps? Seal your Valentine’s card with your initial.



Pyro Master

If you’re feeling really creative, you could make a Valentine’s gift using the Pyro Master! Why not create a wooden sign for your shared home? Check out our video for some ideas!



Of course, if you struggle with getting your creativity down on paper, you could always go for one of these simple yet beautiful notecards. Choose from the Bee or Pineapple design.



So, there you have it, Qwerkiteers: if in doubt, make it yourself!

Don’t forget to Tweet or Instagram us pictures of your finished projects.

Written By Laura-Anne

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