Sunday Roasts

Tuesday, 27th September 2016

Well, Qwerkiteers, the weather has definitely turned (if our shivering is anything to go by). But with the return of winter comes the permission to indulge in all forms of comfort food (hurrah!) and we've decided that the best comfort food is a good old Sunday roast. You just can't beat it!

We’ve thrown together some of our favourite products to help you make the roast-ess with the most-ess. Aunt Bessie has nothing on you…

First up is the Roasteasy. As seen on Dragon’s Den, this chainmail sheet is a perfect alternative to all the reams of kitchen foil you’ll use over a lifetime of roast dinners. Just lay the chainmail over your bird, meat or veggies and it will retain your food’s natural juices for a succulent main! It will also keep your roast hot while it rests. Do feel free to drape yourself in the (cold!) Roasteasy and prance around the kitchen quoting Monty Python. Obviously, we haven’t done that. At all… Come, Patsy!

An alternative (or companion!) to the Roasteasy is the Highlighter Baster. Stop your roast from drying out with this quirky basting brush! Highlight your cooking skills and serve the best roast in town. Squeeze the body to suck up your marinade, oil, or sauce, then gently squeeze and brush to apply. Juicy!

Next is the Multi-Purpose Non-Stick Tray. If you’ve been following Bake Off, you’ll need one of these for sure; we’re still drooling over Jane’s Yorkshire puds! Made of silicone, there’s no need to pre-grease this tray, so you can at least pretend you’re being healthy as you scoff down your fourth Yorkie. It’s also incredibly easy to clean; you just run it under the tap, no scrubbing or elbow grease required.


Moving on to another fool proof way to ensure your roast dinner is the best in town, we have the Pre-Programmed Meat Thermometer. This is a roast saver if ever there was one; just select the type of meat you’re cooking (beef, veal, poultry, lamb, pork or fish), how well you’d like it cooked, and insert the probe into the thickest part of the meat. When you’re meat is at the recommended temperature the thermometer will beep. Perfect roast, every time.

Now what you need is a gorgeous board to serve from. We recommend our solid Wooden ‘Sunday Roast’ Carving Board. The board has a groove all around the edge to collect any juices (perfect for the tastiest gravies) and leaves you in no doubt as to its use! It would make a gorgeous centre piece for any Sunday table.

By far and away our most popular Sunday roast accessory is the Carving Tool. A great alternative to a carving fork, it has an easy-grip ergonomic handle and 4 super sharp spikes that hold all sorts of roasts firmly in place, even during the most enthusiastic carving! It also has a fork at the end for transferring
meat from board to plate.



Well, we don’t know about you, Qwerkiteers, but our mouths are watering now. Do we have to wait 'til Sunday for a roast dinner? Can we make Tuesday roasts a thing?


Let us know your favourite roast dinners!


Written By Laura-Anne

All Things Shiny & New!

Wednesday, 21st September 2016

Weíre sure youíve all heard at least one person mention that itís only 13 weeks and 4 days(!) until Christmas. It may make some people grumpy, but weíre excited, Qwerkiteers, particularly as our new gift catalogue launched this week! Weíve been having fun picking out our favourite products to share with you. Take it away, team!

Jenny: “My favourite new product is the Queen Bee Necklace. It’s so dainty and pretty, plus it comes in a beautiful gift box. It’s on my Christmas list! I might even ask for the earrings to match!”

Ben: “I want the Skull Tidy! I’d have fun putting random sunglasses and hats on him.”

Chloe: “I love the Hare Doorstop; I’ve got one in my house already! It was a gorgeous housewarming gift from the buying girls, and I’m just in love with it. My cat’s rather fond of it too…”


Mandy: “I’m a little in love with the Highland Bull. In my head he’s called Hamish.”

Nic: “It has to be the Build Your Own Working Safe. I had to build the sample our supplier sent for a photo shoot, and it was surprisingly easy and really relaxing!”


Katy: “My favourite is the Robin Nesting Box. What could be more British than robins and teapots?! And it’s frost resistant, so it can stay out for your robins all year round.”

Cam: “Definitely the Eyeballs Lollipops. I can’t wait to freak my kids out with them!”

Patti: “I really miss getting great pizza in America, so I’d have to go for the Pizza Maker!”


Laura-Anne: “I love and adore the Hair Chalks! I’m a bit obsessed with hair chalk; I get bored easily with my hair style and colour, so these are great for mixing it up!”

Ameila: “There’s a new love in my life, and his name is Cyril Sloth. I keep sneaking in to the samples room to give him a cuddle. I need to smuggle him through to my desk.”

Michael: “I really like the Motor Racing Signs. I may drop a hint or two to my wife about Christmas presents!”

Jane: “My favourite is definitely the Bluebell & Wood Anemone Scented Candle. It smells just delicious and would make a beautiful gift. Plus, 3% of the profits go to bee conservation, which is highly important.”

Em: “I’m really fond of the Lurcher sculpture. He looks so content!”

Darren: “It’s the Bi-Plane all the way. I keep trying to get it to land in Em’s cup of tea, but no luck so far!”

Let us know what your favourite is, Qwerkiteers!


Written By Laura-Anne

Bake Off Breakdown - Batter Week

Tuesday, 20th September 2016

We know we're all in mourning for the future of GBBO, but let's bask in the excellence that remains for the next few weeks. And on that note, it's batter week. Oh my.

Who on earth has ever tried to make uniform Yorkshire puds?! Surely the beauty of them is that they're all over the place and somewhat wonky? Never before have we heard the word 'finesse' linked with yorkies; although 'mind over batter' may now be our favourite phrase, along with 'batter the devil you know'. Oh, Mel and Sue, whatever will we do without you?!

 Our favourite Yorkie Pud: Jane's Meat & Two Veg. Could you beat it? And they look beautiful.

The Technical: Lacey Pancakes. Sure, it's very pretty, but we'd be wondering where the rest of our pancake was...

 Candice - "It's a heart shaped pancake. I’m not sure who would wear it..." We agree, Candice. We’re not sure lace belongs in the context of food!

The winner: Benjamina. She's one of our secret favourites! Seriously pretty pancakes!

The Showstopper: Churros (forever more to be known as Churros Kemp). How on earth are you supposed to make a showstopper out of these? Spanish doughnut origami?

Our winner: It's Benjamina again!

Selasi, we're desperate for you to pull your socks up.

Kate, we've rather enjoyed your company, and we'd much rather you'd stayed than Tepidly Toxic Tom.

Next week is pastry week, and the return of the Soggy Bottom!

And remember:

Written By Laura-Anne

It's Teddy Bear Day!

Friday, 9th September 2016

Today is NationalTeddy Bear Day, so we brought some of our best bedtime buddies to work with us! Amazingly, we're all still awake...

Written By Laura-Anne

And They Called It Puppy Love...

Tuesday, 30th August 2016

Hi Qwerkiteers! You may possibly have noticed (from the adorable puppy pictures all over Twitter) that last Friday was National Dog Day. In honour of our beloved Biscuit, the Qwerkity office dog, we've chosen some of our favourite products for both dogs and dog lovers. You're welcome, Biscuit.

Microfibre Pet Glove


A must-have mitt for any mucky mutt! The Pet Glove is made of a super-absorbent microfibre fabric that cleans and dries the coat in moments, making it an essential after a walk on a wet and muddy day. Save your carpets and give your dog an extra canine cuddle in the process. Perfect.


Light Up Dog Lead



I know we don’t want to think about the nights drawing in, but it happens sooner than you think. This new dog lead will increase you and your dog’s visibility by up to 300 metres, so it’s perfect for twilight walks. Remember, Qwerkiteers: be seen, be safe!



Dog Friendly Breaks




There’s two “ruff guides” to choose from! Both contain information on dog friendly hotels, B&Bs, pubs and restaurants. You’ll also find information for some wonderful country walks with your furry best friend.

“Home Is Where The Dog Is” Doormat


Add a little doggy décor to your place with this sweet doormat. Get your dog (and your guests!) to wipe off their muddy paws on the super-absorbent and bacteria resistant mat.
A runner in the same design is also available.


360 Light-up Necklace


Does your dog disappear in the dark? Do you need him to be more visible, or do you like the idea of him looking like he’s on his way home from a rave? This light up necklace has a setting for solid or flashing lights (yay – doggy disco!) that will make your dog much more visible on dark nights.

Me & The Dog Pillow Cases


We all know it’s true; share your bed with your dog and you’ll end up clinging to the edge of the mattress for dear life, whilst your playful pooch is sprawled out in comfort. We’re afraid there is no cure for this predicament. Sorry…

For more treats for man’s best friend, have a little look at our Puppy Love category. And good luck getting that song out of your head. All together now: And they caaalllleeedd it puppy luuuuuurrrrrvvveeee…



Written By Laura-Anne

The Return of The Great British Bake Off

Thursday, 25th August 2016

Oh my, our favourite reason to be smugly British has returned: The Great British Bake Off.

We’re only on episode one and already it’s a corker. #Jaffagate was trending on Twitter, the innuendos were flowing, the cake mix was separating and/or clumping, tears were running… and through it all there was evidence of what makes the Bake Off so wonderful; all the contestants were so pleased for everyone else. You can barely tell that GBBO is, in fact, a competition.

As we’re (nearly) all obsessed with the programme in the Qwerkity office, we thought we’d do a few Bake Off highlights for you each week. Beware, Qwerkiteers – here be spoilers.

Our favourites from last night’s episode are:






We have a sneaking suspicion that Candice will actually be very good. Nerves may have played a small part in her show stopper being slightly under baked. We did particularly enjoy her throwing her first attempt at the Genoese sponge across the tent like a Frisbee.

Best moment:

Mel: Where did you get orange juice from?!

Candice: An orange…

Prettiest bake:

The Show Stopper. Shame it was under baked.




  AKA the Cake Whisperer (or Listener)

We’re curious as to how many people now want to adopt Val as their honorary grandmother? We think she may be the one to go next week, unless she really steps up her game.

Best moment:

Listening to her cakes to check if they’re cooked.

Prettiest bake:

 The drizzle. Less drizzle and more icing, but such pretty frosted flowers on top!


Our honorary Star Baker: Selasi. Such a cool customer! Not even a hint of panic, even when he forgot to add cinnamon to his drizzle cake. At the moment, he’s our one to watch.

Other highlights:

  • “Four Fruit Frosting”: try saying that five times after a glass or two of wine. We dare you.
  • “Make your drizz the shizz.”
  • Mary’s face when Paul dunked his Jaffa Cake in his cuppa.

Long live Bake Off! And remember:

Written By Laura-Anne

Afternoon Tea Week

Wednesday, 10th August 2016

Hey Qwerkiteers! Did you know that itís Afternoon Tea Week? Itís the perfect excuse to stock up on scones, jam, and cucumber sandwiches. The only real question is whether you put the jam or cream on your scone first?

 Cake Stand

What is afternoon tea without a tiered display of your finest cakes? (You get extra brownie points if you bake them yourself. Get it? Brownie points? Never mind…) You can make this cake stand extra special by personalising it.


Personalised Heart Bowls

Continuing with a personalised theme, why not add these sweet heart shaped bowls to your tea table? The bowls are a lovely way to serve a variety of jams for your scones. The dishes come with a bamboo board on which you can have a message inscribed.


Birdsong Mugs

This beautiful set of four mugs is our latest offering from British artist, Madeleine Floyd. The bone china mugs feature some of our favourite birds, including the blue tit, bullfinch, blackbird and robin. They’ll add the perfect British accent to your afternoon tea.

Handmade Stoneware Jug


Whether you like cream or milk in your tea, no tea party table is complete without a sweet jug. Our handmade stoneware jugs come in small (200ml) or medium (500ml). There’s even a mug to match!   


For more afternoon tea ideas, have a look at our Tea Time Category.


Written By Laura-Anne

Our Office Favourites

Monday, 8th August 2016

Today we've quizzed our Buying Team about their favourite products!

Happy Monday, Qwerkiteers! For today’s hot seat, we asked the Buying Team to take a short break from their Christmas Selection meeting (we know – it seems ages away to us too!) to have a cup of tea and tell us all about their favourite products.


Jenny’s favouriteThe Hedgehog Igloo

“I just love it! It’s so sweet, plus you get to help out your local wildlife. Hedgehogs are great to have in your garden – they’re nature’s slug repellent. This little igloo gives hedgehogs a safe haven from predators, and they’re such fun to watch as they snuffle around your garden at twilight.”

Katy’s favouriteThe Table-Top Beech Easel

“This is my favourite, and I don’t even paint! I’d have it as a picture frame, or I’d rest a mirror on it and keep my makeup in the little drawer. It would make a lovely décor accent in any room. I might buy a half finished canvas and pass it off as my own!”

Chloe’s favourite The “Sunday Roast” Carving Board

“You can’t beat a good Sunday roast (even in the middle of a heatwave, I want my roast dinner) and just looking at this board makes my mouth water! It makes a gorgeous centrepiece for any Sunday table. It’s the first thing I’ve bought for my new kitchen.”

Nic’s favouritesExit Spray, and the 15-in-1 Decorator’s Tool

Nic’s gone controversial; she’s torn between two products, so we decided to be nice and let her have both.

“I’ve just moved house, so I have decorating on the brain right now. Rather than go out and buy loads of different tools and then have to find storage for them, I’ve just got this. Job’s a good ’un! The Exit Spray is just brilliant – it really works! The sooner you apply it to a stain, the more effective it is.”

 To be fair, we do now have an office bottle of Exit Spray.  I, in particular, am very good at throwing food down my front…


Written By Laura-Anne

Treats For Toes

Tuesday, 2nd August 2016

It may be raining, but itís still (technically anyway) summer, and with summer comes the pampering of little feet. So, Qwerkiteers, weíve picked a few of our favourite treats for your little piggies. Off to market!

Repairing Socks

Let’s start with the basics: moisturising. These super soft socks are infused with a fruity fragranced serum (peach, green tea, vitamin E and natural fruit extracts) which leaves your feet feeling silky and divine! Just rub the serum on your feet, pop the socks on and wait for twenty minutes before removing them. We definitely recommend wearing the socks, putting your feet up and having a lovely cuppa. Blissful!

Massage Slipper

Even the extremely ticklish like a good foot massage, especially after a hard day’s work. This slipper comes in two designs: Hedgehog (adorable) or Basset Hound (sweet). Slide your feet in to the slipper and flip the switch for a toe-tingling massage.


Toe-tally Perfect Toes Pedicure Set

Now you’ve moisturised and had a lovely massage, it’s time to get those nails looking pretty. This sweet set comes with a nail buffer/file combination, cuticle trimmers, pumice, nail clippers and a hard skin shaver. Use the pumice to remove any dry skin from your feet and the buffer & file combo to get your nails all smooth and ready for some polish.

Nail Buddy

Never again worry about spilling your nail polish! The Nail Buddy holds any size of nail polish, and you can either grip it between your knees (handy for a manicure – pun unapologetically intended) or rest it on any hard surface to leave both of your hands free. You can even rest the Nail Buddy on its side to get the last drop of your favourite polish from the bottle.

Nail Art Kit

If you’re anything like the ladies in the Qwerkity office, you’ve been staring enviously at all the gorgeous nail designs that you just don’t know how to achieve. This Nail Art Kit is a great cheat for a professional looking pedicure! Available in either Plain or Glitter, each set contains ten nail varnish bottles with a standard brush applicator and a micro-tip pen for creating intricate designs. The only limit is your imagination!

Pssst! If you do get stuck for some design ideas, check out the Nail It! book – it’s on special offer! 

Written By Laura-Anne

Go Al Fresco!

Wednesday, 27th July 2016

Summer isnít over yet, Qwerkiteers, and a little weather bird told us that the sunshine will be making a return this weekend. Time to dine al fresco!

Dig In Salad Servers

Dig In Salad Servers

These are a great gift for any keen gardener, particularly if they like to grow their own salad and veggies. Made from stainless steel with Acacia wood handles, these servers are perfect for digging deep in to the salad bowl. Whoever said salad couldn’t be fun?


Folding Seat Pad

Folding Seat Pad

New to Qwerkity this week, this comfortable, fold away cushion is ideal for a picnic! Featuring a lovely checked design on one side and 100% sheep’s wool on the other, this fluffy cushion insulates you from the cold and/or damp ground. Get cosy!


Folding Banquet Tables

Folding Banquet Table

If sitting on the ground isn’t your style, try one of these tables for your next garden party or barbeque. Available in two sizes the trestle table sits four (four feet) or six people (five feet). Each table is adjustable in height and folds in half for carrying and storage.


Picnic Stix

Picnic Stix

Never again experience the heartbreak of knocking your Pimms over! The Picnic Stix set comes with three sturdy stakes (one for a bottle, two for glasses). No more toppling tipples, even if you are tipsy!


Outdoor Fondue Set

Outdoor Fondue Set

Go retro with the Outdoor Fondue Set! It’s a brilliant alternative to a barbeque (just in case you ever could get tired of the ol’ BBQ) and quite the party piece for outdoor entertaining. The set comes with four fondue forks, and – best of all – all the parts are dishwasher safe.


Brazier BBQ

BBQ Brazier

Oh, BBQ – our love for you could never fade; and now we can barbeque until the sun goes down and keep warm long after! The Brazier doubles up as a fire pit as well as a barbeque so it’s great for al fresco entertaining. Your garden party can now keep going as long as you can!

Make sure you have some fun in the sun this weekend, Qwerkiteers!


Written By Laura-Anne

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