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Packaway Trolley

  • £19.95 was £29.99
  • Ref. 16552

  • Compact and easy to store
  • Outer zip pocket
  • 30 litre capacity

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Packaway Trolley (Code 16552)
£19.95was £29.99
In Stock
Why us?
This compact case unfolds to become a strong Trolley with an outer pocket.

30 litre capacity. 29 x 66 x 27cm (folds to 32.5 x 25 x 6.5cm).

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Product Review
Fabulous bag!!
Abolute Lifesaver is this bag / trolley!!
Being young, I ddnt want a stereotypical one for people of a different age to me (No Offence,Im just paranoid about my Disabilities as they arent always visable.
SO Quick,simple and easy to change from a small carry around bag to the shopper on wheels so quick that I can now even do it at the till for those times that you just "pop in for 1 thing" & come out with an armful.
INCREDIBLY light,even when full,it was much,much better than had I been trying to carry the items instead. I have a severe,Serious back problem(s!) & have needed 4 major operations for it, so I cant carry weight like used to doso!! ..... yet this really did help me out enourmously when I needed it the first time ~ I take it every time. Thank you SO much for making my life SO,SO Much easier ~ I have just bought anouther for mum too as they are SO Brilliant,for ANY ages too :)
Reviewed by:
Britta francis
Product Review
Spotty Drag Bag
Good quality product. Really went for it on first outing filling the bag with heavy shopping potatoes, 4pts milk etc etc and found it quite a strain to pull along on the 15 min walk home. On the subsequent trip I used it for generally less heavy shopping and found it ok. I guess it's never going to be as easy to manoeuvre as a more conventional trolley but on the plus side at least it can be easily folded down.
Reviewed by:
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