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Obama Llama

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    Obama Lama
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    • Perfect for parties
    • For 2 teams of 2 players or more
    • Huge fun for friends and family
    Compete against your friends and family to be the 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' in this fun rhyming game. Obama Llama is a great way to test those little grey cells to the limit.

    Featuring scores of ridiculous rhymes featuring the rich, famous and fictional, it's the perfect way to break the ice at any party!

    Designed for 2 teams of 2 or more players, one side has to act out, describe or give clues to the other for them to discover the rhyme - all in less than 30 seconds. From Richard Hammond being examined, Sinitta eating a fajita, Tutankhamun howling at the moon and Ken Dodd dressed as a mod, you really will have to think on your feet!

    Includes Act It, Solve It and Describe It cards, a score pad, pencil and rhyming pairs cards.

    Box 13.5 x 13.5 x 17cm.


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    Product Review
    Obama LLama game
    Bought this ready for Christmas but tried it out briefly with our granddaughter and found it hilarious. Really looking forward to playing it for real with more people over the festive season.
    Service Review
    Parcel arrived quickly, well packed and contained everything I had ordered.
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