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Neck Specs

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    • Stylish and practical
    • Variety of colours
    • Unisex
    Are you always losing your ready readers? The Neck Specs' slightly elongated arms grip around your neck when not in use. Stylish and practical!

    Choose from Green or Tortoiseshell in 2.0, 2.5 or 3.0.

    Comes with a padded case. 16+.

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    Product Review
    Specs slip off
    These specs are much more flimsy than the previous pair I bought. They don't grip my neck well enough so they slip off easily. I am quite small and I would need a fat neck to keep them on securely.
    Reviewed by:
    We're sorry to hear that the Neck Specs are not working out for you. Customer services will be in touch shortly.
    Kind regards,
    Laura-Anne   Qwerkity
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