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Microwavable Joint Wrap

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    • Help to soothe muscles and pains
    • Can be used hot or cold
    • Velcro fastening holds the wrap in place
    • Soft fleece material
    This effective Microwavable Wrap helps to soothe sore muscles, aches and pains. Targeted for smaller joints and smaller body parts including knees, wrists, elbows and ankles, it can be used either hot or cold. Designed in collaboration with physiotherapists, it helps to relieve pain and discomfort to different areas of the body.

    It has an elasticated strap to provide additional compression and Velcro fastening to hold in the Wrap in place.

    Freezer safe. Contains 100% UK Wheat.

    13.5 x 12.5cm.

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    Product Review
    Wrist relief
    I bought this for my daughter as she has a painful wrist and needed the hot/cold treatment on it. She is very happy with this item and finds it easy to use. It does heat quite quickly so it's trial and error how much time to allow.
    She gives it good rather than excellent because it doesn't mould itself to the wrist as perfectly as it does to the knee, but that apart it does do the job well.
    Reviewed by:
    Kathleen Sibley
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