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Mad Mama

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    Mad Mama
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    • Clean your microwave easily
    • Softens stains and baked on food
    • Dishwasher-safe
    Easily remove stains and baked on food from your microwave! Cleaning your microwave is never a pleasant job, however when using Mad Mama you simply need to add water and white vinegar, then microwave for 5-8 minutes. The steam will soften the marks and then you can effortlessly wipe the microwave clean; it really is that easy!

    Dishwasher safe. 13 x 11cm dia.

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    Product Review
    Mad mamma is great
    Mad Mamma does what she says. A bit difficult to see where the vinegar and water marks are. I have nick named her Freda.
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    Product Review
    Quite Effective and humourous
    I found this product helpful, but not wildly effective.
    Don't Know
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