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Latin for Bird Lovers

  • £7.50 was £14.99
  • Ref. 16768

  • A great gift for bird lovers
  • Organised by A-Z
  • Beautiful illustrations throughout
  • Genus profiles
  • Famous birders
  • Bird themes

Latin for Bird Lovers (Code 16768)
£7.50was £14.99
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Why us?
Discover the fascinating meanings behind over 3,000 of our most popular bird names.

Latin for Bird Lovers shows how the names of birds are often taken from the bird’s character, colour, size or distribution. Beautifully illustrated throughout, it shows the reader how to look at the Latin name and dissect it into in layers of meaning. For example, Leptoptila (lepto – thin, slender, and ptilo – wing).

Throughout the book you’ll also find in-depth bird genus profiles, stories about famous birders, (including John Gould and Konrad Lorenz), bird themes (beaks, colour, feathers etc.) and Latin in Action boxes with tips for bird watchers.

Hardback. 224 pages. 23cm high.

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