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Incredible Cardboard Stool Pizza Box

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    Pizza Box Cardboard Stool
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    • Pull up a seat anywhere
    • Folds flat for storage
    • Easy to assemble in 9 steps
    • Strong and sturdy cardboard
    • Holds weights up to 200kg
    Think outside the box with one of these funky corrugated cardboard stools that you can put together in just 9 simple steps. Looking like a stack of takeaway pizza boxes, it offers a fun perch when chilling out with your mates. A great occasional seat for anywhere in the house, it can carry weights of up to 200kg, and when you've finished with it you can just fold it away until the next time!

    32.5cm square, 44.5cm high.

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    Product Review
    Fun stool and stronger than you'd think
    This cardboard stool is amazingly strong considering what it's made from, and looks and feels very solid. It has a nice gloss finish which stops it looking like a cardboard box! It is easy to make up and transport around, although quite big when flattened. I wasn't sure it would be worth the price but my son loved it and took it back to University with him, always a good sign!
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    Service Review
    Good delivery and communication, no problems. I actually kept everything ordered too which is unusual for me!
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