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High Stakes

  • 4.95 was 7.99
  • Ref. 17902

  • A fun family game
  • 50 different question cards
  • Play individually or in teams
  • Suitable for 2 or more players

High Stakes (Code 17902)
4.95was 7.99
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Why us?
Bid against your opponents to win the chance to list as many examples of what's written on the card as you think you can name! Then you have to live up to the challenge if you win the bid! There are 50 subject cards to choose from, ranging from types of vegetables and film titles beginning with 'M' to elements of the periodic table, horror films and breeds of dog. To add to the tension, it all has to be done within 2 minutes, with a timer to keep you on track! Collecting counters for every successful challenging, and losing them if you can't stick to the number you quoted, the winner is the one with the most counters after 10 rounds.

Contents: 50 question cards, 65 scoring counters, dice and instructions. Boxed. 13cm dia.

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