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Heated Lap Blanket

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    Heated Lap Blanket
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    • Keeps you warm whilst working at a computer, or watching TV
    • Helps with muscle pain
    • Made from soft polyester plush
    • Plugs into the mains
    • Plugs into car's cigarette lighter
    • Warms up in minutes
    • Hi and Lo heat controls
    • 86 x 44.5cm
    This Heated Lap Blanket is perfect for keeping warm whilst working at a computer, watching television, or when reading in your favourite chair.

    Made from the softest polyester plush, it plugs into the mains or your car's cigarette lighter and warms up in minutes. A button and loop fastening can secure it around your legs. This practical device uses far infrared technology which can help with circulation and muscle pain and has been shown to reduce viruses and bacteria.

    The flex has an on/off switch with Hi and Lo heat controls.

    86 x 44.5cm. Grey.

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    Product Review
    Handy Lap Blanket.
    Does exactly what it says just right across the lap for extra warmth AND as I've had a bad back found it useful to lay it across my chair on low setting whilst busy in the kitchen. On return it's onto the lap again & a nice warm chair for my back to ease into. Perfect!
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    Product Review
    Heated Lap Blanket
    I bought this product for my elderly Grandmother to keep her warm this winter. She has already started to use it during the chilly snap we had. At the age of 94 she has found it easy to use and it has kept her lap and legs lovely and warm, she will be using it all through the winter. I would thoroughly recommend this product particularly for the elderly like my Grandmother who has poor circulation.
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    Elizabeth Bulmer
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