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Ha-Pee Lawns

  • £4.95 was £9.99
  • Ref. 17339

  • Stops burn patches on your lawn
  • Formulated to help promote healthy urine
  • 28 herbal tea bags for dogs
  • Add cold to your dog’s water or food
  • 8 out of 10 people saw results in 3 weeks

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Ha-Pee Lawns (Code 17339)
£4.95was £9.99
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Why us?
Serve up yummy herbal tea to your dogs to stop their urine making brown patches on your grass. Each Doggy Tea Bag contains a blend of herbs (Alfalfa, Yucca Root, Tomato Flakes, Marshmallow, Dandelion, Nettle and Golden Rod) specially chosen for their neutralising and cleansing effects.

Simply brew a teabag in 250ml of boiling water for 4 minutes. Either dilute the tea with more cold water and add cold to your dog’s drinking bowl, or mix it in with your dog’s food. The tried and tested formula has proven to reduce burn patches on your lawn within 3 weeks.

The pack contains 28 teabags, sufficient for 28 days if you have one dog.

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Product Review
Not sure about this
I was delighted to find a product which might prevent the lawn being totally wrecked but, at nearly the end of the first bag I am not at all sure about it. It may well work, although I haven't used it long enough to prove anything, but I have two dogs who are fed twice a day on raw meat and bone and I have found "making tea" and cooling it twice a day before I feed them is a) a real chore in a busy life and b) turns their meals into a kind of soup. If I put a whole day's ration into only one of the meals the dogs would literally have to drink it!
This is possibly a good product for dogs fed on a dry diet but I am afraid it is not for me, and I have now found a very similar product which comes in drop form
which I think will suit my requirements much better.
Don't Know
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