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Fire & Water Resistant Box

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    Fire & Water Resistant Box
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    • For Deeds and other valuables
    • Withstands heat up to 840°C for 1/2 hour
    • Waterproof
    • 6.75 litre capacity

    For Deeds or other valuables.

    Protect important documents (up to A4 size), cash, jewellery, silver or other small valuables, in this substantial metal Box.

    It withstands heat up to 840°C for a 1/2 hour and is waterproof, even when fully submerged.

    Internal capacity 6.75 litres (33 x 22 x 9cm).

    Comes with a FREE lifetime replacement in the event of a fire.

    40.5 x 32 x 16.5cm.

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    Product Review
    Secure Storage
    The item is very heavy which I suppose it needs to be to offer the protection it does. Do not store this on a high or light weight shelf especially if you need to access it regularly.
    Pricewise it compares very favourably to those offered in the DIY super stores and I didn't see any that offered water and fire resistance.
    Reviewed by:
    Cin Burnett
    Service Review
    Very quick delivery
    Reviewed by:
    Cin Burnett
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