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Fat Trappers

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    • Healthier grilled food
    • Absorbs excess fat
    • Reflective coating ensures even browning
    • 10 per pack
    • Temperatures up to 190°C
    • Multi Buy - Buy 2, save £2
    Make grilled food even healthier with these extraordinary Fat Trappers. Super-absorbent, the pads soak up excess fat that comes out of food when grilling or cooking food in the oven. The reflective coating ensures even browning, for an overall delicious finish. For temperatures up to 190°C. Throw away when finished, leaving a clean grill pan!

    Not suitable for use in grills where the oven door has to be closed during cooking.

    Pack of ten. 35 x 20cm.

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    Product Review
    Fat Trappers
    These Fat Tappers are wonderful. I want some more please. My husband enjoys cooking a grilled breakfast but isn't quite so keen on cleaning the grill pan. Result a smoky kitchen !
    He wasn't too pleased when I gave him a package for THE FAT CONTROLLER as he's trying to lose weight but he's used them every morning since. Excellent product!
    Reviewed by:
    Liz Law
    Service Review
    Always prompt and on time.
    Reviewed by:
    Liz Law
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