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Defrosting Tray

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    • Safe and easy way of defrosting foods
    • Conductive metal tray
    • Good time saver
    • Quick to clean and easy to store
    Speed up defrosting by using this time saving, super conductive metal tray. The aluminium defrosting board evenly distributes the naturally absorbed heat and releases it directly into the food. This handy tray thaws your frozen foods quickly without the use of a microwave or extensive heat. Convenient and practical, the groves along the Defrosting Tray stop your meat from sitting in the defrosted juices. It cleans quickly and is easy to store away.

    Cast aluminium.

    35.5 x 20cm.

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    Product Review
    I have always thought these boards were rubbish until my Aunt told me otherwise.
    I decided to try for myself and I have to say that it is brilliant and I wouldn`t be without
    Reviewed by:
    Suzanne Cawsey
    Service Review
    Can`t fault it.
    Reviewed by:
    Suzanne Cawsey
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