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Carving Tool

  • £14.99
  • Ref. 17519

  • A great gift for cooks
  • Holds the roast securely as you carve
  • Use with all sorts of meat joints
  • Hand wash

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Carving Tool (Code 17519)
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Why us?
Get a grip on carving the roast! A must-have kitchen gadget for anyone who loves to cook a joint, the Carving Tool holds all sorts of roasts firmly in place even during the most enthusiastic carving! A great alternative to a carving fork, it has an easy-grip ergonomic handle and 4 super sharp spikes that stick deeply into the meat to hold it fast as you cut perfect slices.

20cm long.

Wooden 'Sunday Roast' Carving Board also available.

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Product Review
Carving Tool
This tool replaces the Fork when carving a joint, and makes it easier to hold the meat steady. But you still need the fork to serve the slices. So an inexperienced carver might find it helpful with large joints, but an experienced chef would not have a use for it.
It is attractive and wellmade.
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