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Build your own Functioning Digger

  • 44.95 was 59.99
  • Ref. 17174

  • 1283 parts
  • Challenging and fun
  • Fully functional crane, rotating cab and moving shovel

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Build your own Functioning Digger (Code 17174)
44.95was 59.99
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Why us?
Enjoy the challenge of assembling your own 1:25 scale metal Caterpillar Excavator. It is easy to connect the parts using the nuts and bolts provided. When complete it has a moving shovel, fully-functional crane arm and the cab rotates 360. There are 1283 parts, tools, Liebherr decals and instructions. 25 x 12 x 28.5cm. 12+

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Product Review
Build your own functioning digger
This kit is similar to the old Meccano kits. The metal parts are quite sturdy.
However, the hydraulic system is plastic and, as I discovered, the inserts can be easily broken.
It certainly takes time and patience to assemble with the instructions being a series of photos, no written instructions.
Occasionally the clarity of the photo makes it difficult to see which part fits where and on occasion it is impossible to fit the nuts and bolts
because there is no access to get the nut onto the relevant bolt.
Be prepared to dismantle and reassemble when things do not look right.
Reviewed by:
George Clement
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