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Braids, Bunches and Pigtails for Girls

  • £12.99
  • Ref. 17803

  • 50 inspirational hairdos
  • Easy to create at home
  • Step-by-step illustrations
  • Colour photographs of finished styles
  • A lovely gift for girls

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Braids, Bunches and Pigtails for Girls (Code 17803)
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Why us?
Help them find their signature hairstyle with this inspirational guide to 50 sensational creations. With hairdos to suit every occasion and every taste, all perfectly easy to style at home, Braids, Bunches & Pigtails gives a whole new meaning to simply putting their hair up!

Divided into chapters on Ponytails, Braids, Pigtails and Buns and Twists, each hairstyle has easy-to-follow step-by-step illustrations, inspirational photos of the finished design, a guide to similar looks and top tips. There's also advice on junior hair care and accessories.

Discover the Pageant Ponytail, the Topsy-tail Ponytail, the Infinity Braid, the Elsa Braid, Zigzag Pigtails, Fishtail Pigtails, the Flower Bun, the Cinderella Bun and many more.


128 pages.

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Again a Christmas gift.
Hope this very trendy little person will get some fashion ideas from this book.
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