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Bottom Sniffer Beer

  • 4.99
  • Ref. 18024

  • Non-alcoholic and non-carbonated
  • Have a beer with every man's best friend
  • Serve as a drink or over food
  • Comes in a box

Bottom Sniffer Beer (Code 18024)
In Stock
Why us?
Give your dog real 'tail swagger' by sharing your beer experience with your best pal. Brewed in the UK, Bottom Sniffer is the ultimate non-alcoholic doggy refreshment! It is a fun complementary pet food designed specifically for dogs. Serve it as a drink or over food.
Did you know that the average dog nose is between 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than ours? Crazy isn't it! Your loveable pooches are doing so much more than just sniffing each other's bottoms as a friendly hello; dogs can sense gender, diet and the emotional status of other dogs. Bottoms up!

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