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Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide To British Birds

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    • Charming collection of bird facts
    • Humorous illustrations
    • Personal bird encounters
    'First things first: let's just for a moment deal with the word 'tit'. Since the nineteenth century, it has been used as a slang word for breast, but its origins come from early fourteenth-century usage meaning 'small' or 'a small creature'. Hope that clears things up.'

    If you fancy learning more about the birds that surround you and being amused at the same time, Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide To British Birds is the perfect book to read. Comedian Bill Bailey's love of birds and the natural world is expressed throughout this enlightening book and is full of wonderfully charming facts, surreal sketches and bird encounters.

    Hardback. 223 pages.

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    Bill Baileys bird book
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