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Be A Flamingo And Unicorn Book Set

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    Be A Flamingo And Unicorn Book Set
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    • Set of two gift books
    • The perfect mood lifters
    • Full-page colour illustrations
    • Quirky motivational sayings
    Live life on the bright side and stand out from the crowd with these two life-affirming guides to positivity! Learn to grab life by the horns (or just one if you’re a unicorn) and fluff out your feathers as a flamingo and unicorn guide you through page after page of colourful guidance. A great way to cheer someone up, the fun and quirky books make fantastic gifts.

    Set of 2 books. Hardback. 96 pages each. 15cm-high.

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    No yet given (birthday present)
    One of the books is very babyish.
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