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77 Ways to Play Tenzi

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    • 77 cards each with a different game
    • An essential Tenzi companion
    • 3 different types of Tenzi game to play
    Get the ultimate fun out of your Tenzi dice with this invaluable Tenzi companion. Comprising 77 game cards, each one features a fun version of the standard Tenzi game. There are 3 different types of game to choose from, from the classic regular games, where speed is everything, to pattern games, where you have to recreate the pattern on the card with your throw, and non-speed games where luck takes its chance. There are even some blank cards so you can make up your own games. Discover PAIRZI (roll 5 different pairs), STORKSI (roll the die standing on one foot), Acey Duzi (throw just 1s and 2s) and so much more!

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