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101 Chillies To Try Before You Die

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    • A great gift for any foodie
    • Scoville rating for every entry
    • Beautiful colour photographs throughout
    • Information on growing chillies at home
    Throw down the gauntlet to any chilli lover with this fiery guide! A must-have gift for anyone who likes it hot, 101 Chillies To Try Before You Die breaks you in gently then works its way up the Scoville scale to the Caroline Reaper, officially the hottest pepper in the world!

    Beautifully presented, with a double page spread per entry, each chilli has a colour photograph of the plant, together with pod description, growing information and seed supplier, as well as that all important Scoville rating!

    Chapters are divided into Sweet and Mild, Warm, Hot, Very Hot and, for the diehard chilli eater, Super Hot. There's also a list of suppliers from whom you can buy seeds and pods to grow your own chillies at home. Challenge accepted!

    224 pages.

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